GoDaddy hit with a 21 million PPS attack

From their post:

What Happened?

You might have noticed that some of you had trouble accessing your Go Daddy-hosted site over the weekend, March 25-26. And you’re also probably asking, “What happened?”

The short of it: We were the target of a 21-million-packets-per-second Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack.

A DDoS attack is an attempt to shut down a network by flooding it with nonsense requests. And 21 million packets per second is a lot of nonsense.

To put that into perspective: If it takes 5 packets per second to load the average website, then clicking refresh a few times would generate 20 packets per second. So think of 21 million packets per second as clicking refresh on your browser as fast as you can, while inviting 10 million of your closest friends to join you.

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