Mike McNeill’s Diary for Monday, July 11, 2016: Fighting off the DDoS

magnoliareporter.com experienced some technical issues on Friday. Our website is hosted by a service known as TownNews.com , which hosts and provides technical assistance to thousands of media-oriented websites across the country. TownNews.com was hit by a directed denial of service (DDoS) attack on Friday afternoon. This mainly manifested itself by making it difficult for us — and hundreds of other websites — to access our servers and make changes. People may have had difficulty accessing our website during that time. We do not think that our thousands of daily visitors have anything to worry about as TownNews.com technology responded immediately.

That said, it is probably a good thing that we are not president of the United States. To us, hackers present a clear and present danger to the security of the United States, which has our permission to deal with them with extreme prejudice.

North Korea is bent out of shape over the pending deployment by South Korea of the U.S.-made Terminal High Altitude Defense System, or THAAD. THAAD launchers and fire control systems are made in East Camden. North Korea’s military said in a statement that, “There will be physical response measures from us as soon as the location and time that the invasionary tool for U.S. world supremacy, THAAD, will be brought into South Korea are confirmed. It is the unwavering will of our army to deal a ruthless retaliatory strike and turn (the South) into a sea of fire and a pile of ashes the moment we have an order to carry it out.” Ohhhhhhh. We’re scared.

Seriously, how many submarines, cruisers, aircraft carriers, bombers and drones are circling offshore North Korea, ready to unleash hell at any given moment? And that’s just the U.S. military. That sea of fire and pile of ashes looks a lot like future downtown Pyougyang to us.

The Magnolia School District website is having a makeover. We’ll let you know when the site is up and running.

Looking for more widely spread drought conditions when the new report comes out later this week. We’re expecting more abnormally dry conditions in South Arkansas.

Patrick Posey died Saturday at his home near Benton, LA. Posey and his wife, Susan, performed much of the mural restoration work around the square a few years ago.

Some fool vandalized highway signs in the Walkerville area on during the weekend, but the hate speech written on them was cleaned up.

Our new online poll asks for your opinion about the state of race relations in Columbia County – whether they are better, worse or about the same as a decade ago. Another question might be what each of us, as individuals, is doing to make things better.

Five years ago, we reported that Walkerville Cumberland Presbyterian Church was dedicating a new manse. A year ago, we reported that Betsy Production was drilling an oil well on the SAU campus. Vice President Aaron Burr shot and mortally wounded former Treasury Secretary Alexander Hamilton in a duel on this date in 1804. Author E.B. White was born on this date in 1899. George Gershwin died on this date in 1937.

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